NEW Range Rover Sport walkaround: more luxurious than ever!

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We get up close with the all-new, 2022 Range Rover Sport, and speak to the people who created it.

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Where a new Range Rover leads, a new Range Rover Sport will surely follow, and only a matter of weeks after our first five-star verdict on Land Rover’s new range topper, along comes its bigger-selling, slightly smaller brother. It’s on sale soon – set to be in showrooms this September. Like its bigger brother, the Range Rover Sport features familiar family styling cues, but with a new sense of minimalism and modernity – so it’s no surprise that Jaguar Land Rover creative director, Gerry McGovern says it follows his modernist design philosophy. “It blends Range Rover luxury and capability with sporting character,” says McGovern. “It’s a redefinition of sporting luxury.”

At a glance, the new car is clearly still a Range Rover Sport, both in proportion and detail. Put the outgoing car next to it, however, and the differences are far more marked. The new Sport is larger, especially inside, with a 75mm increase in wheelbase, yet it hides its bulk well with a short front overhang and a slightly longer overhang at the back – all supposedly to enhance a sense of movement. Join editor-in-chief Steve Fowler for a poke around the new Range Rover Sport, and some exclusive insight from the people who designed it.

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